Summer 2010

After a fun dip in the sea in the summer of 2010


Milo in 2010

Milo in 2010

Its been a while since i posted a photo of Milo. This is how the bastard look like last 2010 getting cozy in his fave bean bag 🙂
I believe this is the year he started to gain so much weight.

Run Year


I’m glad I decided to keep the first one. I’m holding on it as mementos.


My motivation during runs when I feel I wouldn’t be able to finish

I started to run last June 2 out of curiosity and challenge. I have started working out November last year because I have set my heaviest of 63 kilos coming ng from 41 eight years ago. I looked at myself in the mirror and thought if I keep on slacking up I may not recognize myself anymore.

So then it started.

My first was 21 kilometers.  I know it’s not right. I should have started to just fun runs at first. But as I’ve said,  I started because of the challenge. So after almost 5 months of running alone every other day in the yet deserted streets near the office, I now have 5 medals and 4 finisher’s shirts to boast.  🙂