Summer 2010

After a fun dip in the sea in the summer of 2010


Milo in 2010

Milo in 2010

Its been a while since i posted a photo of Milo. This is how the bastard look like last 2010 getting cozy in his fave bean bag 🙂
I believe this is the year he started to gain so much weight.

Run Year


I’m glad I decided to keep the first one. I’m holding on it as mementos.


My motivation during runs when I feel I wouldn’t be able to finish

I started to run last June 2 out of curiosity and challenge. I have started working out November last year because I have set my heaviest of 63 kilos coming ng from 41 eight years ago. I looked at myself in the mirror and thought if I keep on slacking up I may not recognize myself anymore.

So then it started.

My first was 21 kilometers.  I know it’s not right. I should have started to just fun runs at first. But as I’ve said,  I started because of the challenge. So after almost 5 months of running alone every other day in the yet deserted streets near the office, I now have 5 medals and 4 finisher’s shirts to boast.  🙂

Presenting my lovable choco labrador puppy MILO. He was born 7th of January this year and currently weighs at 13.5kilos! He’s so playful and witty. Loves playing with slippers (uhoh!) and foot rugs. I think maybe because those things smell like feet. Haha! I was having a hard time during my first two weeks of  taking care of him. Well, even up to now he has not yet stopped giving me headaches, but as time passes maybe we are developing our relationship as master and dog and he’s beginning to show obedience (i guess, haha).

I hope you can all join me as we discover Milo’s journey to doggy adulthood and my journey also as his guardian, master and friend.